It was just right after the madness of ADE week in October,  that I started to schedule my 2019 festival year. But i wanted it to be like a rave tour, different festivals in close dates! So i found out that Kingsland Festival and Mayday Dortmund had only three days difference and were really close from each other, so without second thought i booked them. A few weeks later i saw an article that made me read it twice. It was not just an article about some news of electronic music industry, it was something way more than that..The article had title 'Swedish House Mafia Stockholm 2019: Tickets,date and venue for reunion show'. Two days later an official post from Swedish House Mafia official social media channels confirmed it. OMG. Swedish House Mafia are back. As soon as the tickets were out i tried to get in the line to buy but in a few minutes the tickets were sold out. Fuck. I had only one option left to buy a ticket, and that was from Viagogo  (although i don't recommend it as it not 100% safe). I searched in Viagogo and tickets were available, the price though was way higher than the actual ticket price. But it was the Reunion of Swedish House Mafia, there was no way to miss them! No matter the price, i bought the tickets and now the only problem was that i had to fly to Amsterdam for Kingsland Festival then to Germany for Mayday Dortmund, but Swedish House Mafia reunion tour would take place in Stockholm. There was only one flight available from Dusseldorf to Stockholm on May 2nd, but it was at 5am and that meant i had to stay awake for second consecutive day as on May 1st was Mayday Dortmund! I didn't care, i booked that flight no matter what! From Netherlands to Germany and then to Sweden, it can be considered as a rave tour right?

kingsland lineup.webp

26.04.2019. On my way to the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. I arrived in Amsterdam and the city was crowded by people and completely covered with orange colors, fully prepared for the next day which was the King's Day. We woke up the next day, it was King's Day. We got the train and head to City Center, everything was literally fully crowded, i've never seen such a thing before. The streets were fully crowded by people, there were parades everywhere, DJ sets in every corner, all wearing orange clothes, drinking beers and holding the Netherlands flag! We partied there and we began to head to the Central Station. Today's destination was RAI Amsterdam where I was about to rave Kingsland Festival. I was extra proud about Kingsland Festival as a few week earlier i became an Ambassador of it! After taking a long walk to the venue, we finally got into the outdoor area of RAI where the festival was taking place. It was a huge area with multiple stages inlcuding the Mainstage, Spinnin Sessions, TIKTAK, United Ants, IAmHardstyle and GirlsLoveDjs arenas. I spent a little time to each one of them but i raved for the most of the time at the Mainstage. We arrived a little bit late and on the stage were Vini Vici playing their unique trance set. Next on the lineup were my 2 favourite duos! Synnery James & Ryan Marciano and W&W. It couldn't get any better! They literally set the place on fire, by making the people go low and then jump up shouting 'Heee - Hooo' . The atmosphere was electrified, goosebumps everywhere! Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were next. We all knew what was going to happen. Madness. We were going 8 steps left and 8 steps right. drinks were spilling, ravers were falling down.. It was literally madness. But i enjoyed every moment of it! Timmy Trumpet was next, but i decided to take a walk also to the other stages to see how it was there. I really liked the United Ants stage where i raved for sometime and then went back to Mainstage as it was the closing act, with my favourite Alesso. He dropped all the bangers as expected, and also some of Avicii's songs and it was too emotional! Freedom, love, unity.. All these emotions that i felt during every other festival. And then the night was over, we took a walk from the forest near RAI to the Central Station. Kingsland Festival thank you! 

After Kingsland Festival, we took the bus from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf where we would be staying at a friends flat, as it was near Dortmund where Mayday Dortmund takes place. We had a long walk in the city of Dusseldorf on the first day, done some sightseeing and at night we went to a pub, and that was all for the first day. We woke up a little bit late on 30 April, and we got prepared to go to the Dusseldorf Train Station. Today's destination was Westfallenhallen Arena where MAYDAY Dortmund was taking place. We got off the train at Dortmund Train Station and from there we booked an Uber to the arena. We arrived at the venue and we got in. It was a huge venue consisting of different floors including Arena (Mainstage), Factory and Empire. My first impression while i walked to the Arena was that this indeed a rave party. Techno and Hardcore was the main theme in the other 2 arenas. What impressed me the most was the age of the people raving there as they were much older than me, and also their unique hardcore style! After the short walk at the other floors i finally went to the Arena where Aka Aka were on stage dropping some bangers. Afterwards Lost Frequencies came up, with a unique set for this event different from his others, and made the people dancing to his magical music. I really enjoyed his set as it was completely different from the one at AMF. Then, Tiesto was next on the lineup, and by the time he came up, ravers went crazy about his drops! Lasers, flames and music by one of the best DJs, there wasn't a better combination to make the people rave! Amazing vibes, goosebumps, the same emotions that i felt in every other festival i've already raved! And there was more, Markus Schulz came up and dropped mainly Trance tunes. It was my first time seeing him live at a festival and i honestly i enjoyed his set so much that i captured almost every single moment of it! Especially when he dropped my favourite track of him 'Destiny' i felt too emotional! Goosebumps! But even when his set ended, i didn't want to leave, my friends went to the arena stands to sit and relax, but i stayed there, raving by the sounds of Younotus, united with the other ravers! Once again, i felt the freedom and love that festivals bring to us. MAYDAY Dortmund thank you!

mayday lineup.jpg

And then, within a few hours, from raving at MAYDAY to Dusseldorf Airport. This time the destination was Stockholm, Sweden. I knew that what i was going to experience would be engraved forever inside me. Two days that will be forever in my heart and my mind, were ahead of me. 02.05.19 & 03.05.19 . What i lived and felt on those 2 nights was so unique and emotional that i had to write a different blog about the whole experience. Hence, to cut the long story short, click on the link below and read about one of the most unforgettable and epic reunion performances in electronic music industry's history; SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA: THE REBIRTH