Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) - A week full of MADNESS!


My first major indoor festival abroad..and not only! It couldn’t be a better place other than Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF) during ADE. It was in the late summer, after attending some local electronic music festivals, that something started to change inside me when I attended such festivals. To feel the feelings of FREEDOM and LOVE. Some feelings that couldn’t be explained at all! And so, I started to search for something bigger than the local ones. The closest one was in October, it was called the Amsterdam Dance Event aka ADE. By the time I saw all those events during that week I said, okay I’m not missing this! And indeed, I didn’t miss it. I booked the tickets, and I just waited for that week to come!

And so, it came. October 17 was here. I was so nervous during my flight until I landed to Amsterdam. The airport was full of young people, ravers, that came for the same purpose, for the ADE. I thought that this was going to be a hell of a week!

ade timetable.jpg

Nikcy Romero & Friends at Melkweg


The first night was here, me and my mate took the train to the City Centre. We got off the train and what I saw was a city full of people all going to different venues of that night. Ours was at Melkweg, where Protocol celebrated its 5 years anniversary with Nicky Romero & Friends! We got into the venue, crowded by the people that came from all over the world. During Nicky Romero’s set, I was feeling the goosebumps all the time, and not only that, surprisingly W&W and Martin Garrix arrived at the place and started to play along with Nicky Romero. I couldn’t believe that, first night seeing Nicky Romero, W&W and Martin Garrix on the decks at the same time! My friend told me we had to leave the place earlier than expected because in a couple of minutes the last train would leave the nearest station. But something couldn’t let me leave the place, something inside me wanted to stay until the end. And so I stayed, I stayed alone partying there with all the other people, united with all those other festival-goers until the end!

Martin Garrix Presents ANIMA at RAI Amsterdam

The next one was even bigger, even better! Friday night, Martin Garrix event at RAI Amsterdam presenting ANIMA. We woke up early on that day, three other friends came from other countries also to join us! As the time was getting closer, I started getting ready, but my friends weren’t getting ready, they said to me to go later to the event in order to chill some more. I got angry and laughed at the same time and said fuck it, am going alone. I went to Amsterdam Central Station alone and got into the train to RAI. But in fact, I wasn’t alone, hundreds of other people were in the train with me, holding their home country’s flag and getting ready for the event! I felt that I was no more alone, I was with all the other fellow ravers! As soon as I got into RAI, I said holly shit, what are those all people?! Thousands of people were there, some alone, some with friends, but it didn’t matter anymore. we were all one there, without knowing it, all feeling the goosebumps and vibes from Martin Garrix’s unbelievable set, feeling the freedom and love, getting hit by Martin Garrix’s mind-blowing lasers. As some point I forgot that my friends were coming too, because all there became friends with each other at the same time! Eventually I found them at some point, I partied some time with them but then I went to the spot where I was before, with all the other friends that I made on that night. I closed the event ‘alone’ again on that night. I went out and found my friends that left earlier, waiting the bus as train stations were closed. And I said thank god that I didn’t leave the place earlier and didn’t miss anything of that night! I went to the event at 9pm and left at 6am. 9 hours full of freedom, love, rave, goosebumps! Martin Garrix, ANIMA, thank you for the unbelievable night!



We woke up, it was Saturday, AMF was on that night. The biggest indoor festival of the world. 40,000 people, 40,000 ravers ready to ‘OWN THE NIGHT’. I knew that the night was going to be huge! We got on the train. Tonight’s destination was Johan Cruyff Arena. We arrived at the Arena, the waiting line to get into the stadium couldn’t be explained. Thousands of ravers were waiting to get in. We finally got inside. A huge stadium full of ravers! We walked at the front of the arena to get a spot with nice view of the stage.

Lost Frequencies was on the decks, making the place even more magical. We finally succeeded to get a spot in the middle front of the stadium. Lost Frequencies' set was magical and together with the amazing vibes of the crowd, the atmosphere was magical!

The next ones brought a different energy into the night. Synnery James & Ryan Marciano, made the place more energetic, made the people jump, made the people shouting ‘Heee-Hooo’. They got us super-ready for the next act!

Next was the DJ Mag Ceremony along with the announcement of the No1 DJ of the world. The top 3 candidates were Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Hardwell and Martin Garrix. Agony was at the fullest. The time came, the countdown was live and.. Martin Garrix crowned for the 3rd time in a row as the No1 DJ of the world, and I was even happier that I had the chance to seeing him live the night before!

After the short set of Martin Garrix, the special moment of the night was ready to smash the place. David Guetta B2B Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. They literally controlled the crowd, we went 8 steps left and 8 steps right, again and again. Imagine 40,000 people doing the Crowd Control, everyone went crazy, even my friend lost his phone during it (funny but not funny at the same time!). Goosebumps everywhere, the happiness in everyone’s face, the most amazing vibes ever felt so far.

And then my favourite part of the night came, Axwell Λ Ingrosso were on stage, ready to take over the night. My phone died, my friends weren’t there, I lost them in the crowd, but again, I didn’t mind, I was there with all the other ravers of the night, feeling together the goosebumps and enjoying every single moment. Their set was one of the best so far, as they dropped every single track of them!

But there was more, KSHMR was next, first time hearing his unique set, and the feelings were still the same, partying like there is no tomorrow, raving!

W&W were next, I knew what was going to happen as I had a small taste of them during the first night of Nicky Romero & Friends! And indeed, they didn’t disappoint us! They dropped all their bangers on that night and the people couldn’t stop raving, jumping, shouting!

Vini Vici, continued to make the night even bigger with their one of a kind set of trance and the flames that coming out from the stage!

Lastly, Salvatore Ganacci, where everyone was tired and exhausted, this man made them fresh again, you know him, he is literally crazy!

And then the night was over, AMF 2018 was an absolute blast, fortunately as we left, I managed to get a wristband and a snapback, to remember that night forever! AMF you were, you are and you will be my forever first major indoor festival.. Together we owned the night!