Balaton Sound Festival


Balaton Sound Festival takes place every summer, usually in early July each year. The 2019 festival edition that i've raved took place on 3-7 July 2019.

Balaton Sound Festival


The nearest airport is Budapest Airport (Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport), and from there you have many choices to get to Lake Balaton, where the festival is located, which is 110 km away.

​The safest choice, is to book an official Shuttle Service from Balaton Sound's official web page, which takes you directly at the entrance of the festival.​

However, you can also take the Train from the Budapest Airport Station to Zamárdi Station which is the nearest train station to Balaton Sound.​

Balaton Sound Festival


Balaton Sound Festival is located at Zamárdi, a small town on the southern shores of Lake Balaton. Zamárdi though, is very close to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary.

Balaton Sound Festival


Balaton Sound provides a variety of Food Courts across various points in the festival area and Bar Stands in every stage and throughout the festival area.​ It also  provides a huge number of Lockers at specific locations within the festival area at an extra cost though, however for VIP ticket holders it's free.​ Unfortunately, it does not provide an official Lost & Found Area, however in the Camping Areas, there is a specific section where they put everything that seems lost.​ Additionally, Balaton Sound provides various Merchandise Stands within the festival area with a huge variety of products including t-shirts, hoodies, caps, flags etc. Lastly, Balaton Sound even provides Mini Markets near the festival camping areas where you can buy beach towels, sun creams, pillows etc 

Balaton Sound Festival


Balaton Sound offers a variety of festival accommodation such as Basic Camping, Beach Camping, Belgian Camping Deluxe, Caravan Camping and Podpads Village.​ However,  you can also book an accommodation at Zamárdi or Siófok on your own. 

Balaton Sound Festival


Balaton Sound was my first major festival! 6 days of camping, 6 days full of freedom, love, rave. It was one of the best experience i ever had in my life and definitely the most unforgettable festival experience so far. If you haven't been there yet, make sure to be your next festival as you will love, rave and enjoy every single moment of it!