Kingsland Festival takes place on the King's Day celebrations. The 2019 festival edition that i've raved took place on 27 April 2019.

Kingsland Festival


The nearest airport is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. From there you can take either the Train or Taxi (Uber or ViaVan) to take you to your accommodation or directly to the festival, and the same applies for your return back after the festival ends.

Kingsland Festival


Kingsland Festival is located at various locations across Netherlands including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen and Tillburg. Kingsland Festival Amsterdam was the one that i've raved and it took place at the outdoor area of RAI Amsterdam.

Kingsland Festival


Kingsland Festival provides a Food Court  right behind the VIP stands of the mainstage and Bar Stands throughout all the stages. It also provides a limited number of Lockers for GA ticket holders, however for VIP ticket holders it's free.

​Additionally, it provides a Lost & Found  Area in case you lose any of your belongings. Lastly, Kingsland Festival provides a Merchandise Stand including   t-shirts, hoodies etc.

Kingsland Festival


Kingsland  Festival does not offer a campsite or an official accommodation package, however you can book separately your accommodation in the City Center or any nearest area to the Arena on your own. 

Kingsland Festival


Kingsland Festival was amazing! From the celebrations in the streets of the city from early in the morning, to the Festival rave later on, the party was held all day long! King's Day and Kingsland Festival is a day that you must attend if you haven't already done it!

Food Court:

Kingsland Amsterdam provides a food court behind the arena



Kingsland Amsterdam has bars both at the sides of the arena and at the food court arena


Kingsland Amsterdam provides e-lockers where you can pre-order online. These lockers are accessible via a code so it means that you don't have to worry about loosing the key to open it!