As soon as we arrived at Stockholm, we got to the hotel to leave our luggages, and we went to city for a walk. All the ads in the city were about the Reunion concert tour of Swedish House Mafia, and i was so excited that i would be part of this once in a lifetime event! The night came, we went back to the hotel, got ready and got a taxi. Tonight's destination was Tele2 Arena. As soon as we got out of the taxi, thousands of people from every corner of the world, heading to the same place, each one of them holding their country's flag. USA, Ireland, Norway, UK, Czech Republic were some of them that i remember! A massive waiting line was waiting for use to get inside the arena, and as soon as we got in, i ran at the Merchandise stand to buy some stuff to remember that night forever! 


By the time we got in, a feeling of emotion prevailed in the atmosphere. Vargas & Lagola were on stage, preparing the ravers for the next act, SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA. And it was about time. The lights came off. The white cloth dropped from the top of the stage. And behind it the 3 massive dots of Swedish House Mafia logo. Madness. Music started to play and after a while, 3 persons appeared; Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angelo. WOW. We have been waiting 5 years for that moment, to see Swedish House Mafia live. The Intro was an unreleased track of them which no-one expected to hear. Goosebumps, vibes that speak louder than words. Axwell came up and introduced each one of them and said 'We are the SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA.' and after that.. Flames, lasers, visuals. Everything was mind-blowing. 'We Come, We Rave, We Love' was next and all the ravers were up in the air. The atmosphere was electrified. I have been to many festivals but that one was different from all the others. Everyone was feeling the moment. Everyone have been waiting for those many years for that moment. We were all one on that night. We were raving from their first track till the last one, like it was the first time hearing them! No matter how many times we heard them before, that time it was completely different, unique, unexplained! For the first time i felt so excited and happy at the same time! At some point the music stopped for a while and the lights went out. We didn't know what was going on. But after a while, 3 huge red lines behind the circles came up along with the track 'Leave The World Behind'. And indeed at that time we left the world behind, we were in another world, a world we hoped to live every day, dominated by freedom and love. Another unreleased track of them was dropped then, 'Underneath It All', another magical track that traveled us. After many beloved songs, we have reached the closing set, the last song was 'Save The World' . Everyone was crying and singing it loud, it was too emotional. Imagine all these thousands of ravers united as one singing their favorite song. And in the background, videos of the Swedish House Mafia from the past. Three flamed circles appeared on the top of us in the middle of the arena. It couldn't be described. MADNESS. I didn't want the madness to end.

 We left the venue and missed the last train, and taxis were all fully booked. Zero degrees outside, it was freezing and we head to the nearest bus station to catch the last bus. On our way i told my friend: 'we are coming also tomorrow here, at the same place'. He laughed, but we knew that we were coming again. And indeed we booked the tickets as long as we got to back to the hotel from Viagogo for 03.05.19! But this time from the stands, to enjoy this magical show from a higher view, to enjoy it even more! We woke up, we went for a walk in the city and then we took a taxi to Tele2 Arena, again! But this time, we would be watching it from the stands. We got in the arena and we tried to find a seat with a nice view to the stage and finally we found one. The view was unreal. There was a sea of people in front of us. I couldn't believe how much thousands of people came from all over the world to see the Swedish House Mafia Rebirth. That was Unity, people from all around the world coming together as one! And the show started, although it was the same, i was living every moment of it like it was my first time seeing it. The same goosebumps. The same electrified atmosphere. Although i was at the stands area, I was not sitting for even a second, nobody was sitting actually, we were all standing and enjoying this unbelievable moments. At the closing act when 'Save The World' dropped, i experienced from above the people to become one, their voices to become one, and shouting the lyrics of the track. I captured this moment fortunately so i can see it again and again. And the event ended. Again i didn't want to leave the place, that place full of love, emotions, goosebumps, vibes. But our flight was the next day and we couldn't attend the third day in a row. On my way back home i read an article saying that more than 115,000 fans all over the world attended the Swedish House Mafia Reunion Tour. WOW. That means unity and love. Swedish House Mafia i will never forget these unique moments. Stockholm thank you!